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Under floor heating works well and efficiently in any kind of building, from a small cottage, to large industrial buildings and on up to huge schools and hospitals; it can be installed in any floor structure, be it concrete, screed, beam & block, suspended or floating. Reassuringly, under floor heating has a working lifetime at least as long as the building itself.


Warm Water Systems

Warm water under floor heating systems can be effectively powered by any heat source; traditional gas or oil powered condensing boilers and wood burning stoves or solar panels and heat-pumps (ground source or air to water). Whatever happens in the future to fuel costs or new technological developments, under floor heating can be mated to the heat source to provide extra economical comfort.

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Electric Systems

Electric underfloor heating systems nowadays are cheap, reliable, efficient and are a cost effective solution to keeping your family warm. Electric underfloor heating is fast becoming more and more popular in the modern home. Eliminating the need for wall mounted heaters which restrict the true size of your room and overall design

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