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Commissioning Servicing & Maintenance

Commissioning is the term given to the process of bringing the underfloor heating system into use and setting the operational parameters in order to operate as the designer intended. The underfloor heating system can be commissioned once the following steps have been taken:

  • Make sure screed is cured
  • Clean and flush the system
  • Fill and vent the system
  • Treat the system with inhibitors
  • Commission the heat source (boiler, heat pump etc)

The commissioning of the system itself can vary from one system to another, but the steps taken to commission a hydronic underfloor system are as follows:

  • Check the pressure test and other safety inspection certificates.
  • Visually inspect the whole system is complete, of satisfactory condition, and conforms to the design drawings and approved modifications.
  • Pressurise the underfloor heating system.
  • Open vales to the main heat distribution system and check the system pressure.
  • Operate the underfloor heating system pumps.
  • Balance circuit valves to design flow rates.
  • Turn on the heat source (boiler, heat pump etc).
  • Check the temperature drop across every circuit and re-balance if necessary. This might not be possible if commissioning is carried out under warm weather conditions.
  • Check that the control system is operating properly (this can be done either by an underfloor heating specialist or other trade depending upon who installed the system). The check should cover the operation of all control valves, thermostats, actuators, time control devices (including the night set-back function), and outdoor weather compensation devices.
  • Check the flow and return temperatures. This may not work depending on weather conditions.
  • Check the room temperatures.
  • Produce the commissioning report.
  • Modify the working drawings as needs be done, and produce a detailed set of record drawings.

Handover of the Underfloor Heating System

Having completed the commissioning procedure, the design team ought to provide a complete set of project documents to the client or a representative. The documentation should include:

  • A system description, including design criteria, assumptions, and calculations supporting the design.
  • Design drawings and as-installed record drawings.
  • An inventory of the equipment.
  • Records of tests and commissioning.
  • Water treatment records.
  • Operation and maintenance manuals.
  • Warranties for the equipment.
  • Any further documentation required by the client’s project.

In order to ensure that the pipes are not unintentionally disturbed, it is of vital importance that clear record drawings of the underfloor heating system are handed over.


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